About Us

Lococo Tennis Coaching is committed to offering you the very best in all fields of the tennis world.

We believe in teaching tennis the correct way first, with technique weighing heavily in all our lessons. In saying that we do not believe that students, beginner through to advanced should have to stand around in a long lines waiting for their turn only to hit two balls!

At Lococo Tennis Coaching we have two main reasons why this will not happen:

  • Firstly we use the game base approach, which enables all students to learn the correct technique while they’re learning to play the game, it’s fun and easy to learn.
  • Secondly we have capped class sizes, this allows students to progress faster, and it also creates a high energy lesson as students are not standing around bored!

Lococo Tennis Coaching aims to provide a positive fun learning environment.

We also understand you have a busy life, picking kids up, dropping them off so Lococo Tennis Coaching provides you with loads of options to progress your child without having to drive anywhere else!

At Lococo Tennis Coaching we also understand your child might have to stop for awhile, don’t worry, it’s going to be ok!

At Lococo Tennis Coaching we are confident when your child returns to the court no matter how long it’s been, their technique will be so good, it will be like they never left!

Has your child ever slumped in the car at the end of their Tennis Lesson complaining ‘I had a different Coach today and was told something completely different that I know my usual Coach wouldn’t agree with?

That won’t happen at Lococo Tennis Coaching! WHY?

All staff at Lococo Tennis Coaching attend weekly meetings to disuses students progress, lesson plans and any new ideas or learning prompts we’ve come across, this means we as staff are uniformed, so your child will hear the same prompt from our entire Coaching Staff, not just one!

That way there is no confusion,  no hassle,  just tennis!

Lococo Tennis Coaching we welcome anyone wishing to play tennis, even if you or your family does not attend the Schools we work out of.

All lessons are conducted by a TCA qualified Coach.