All Hallows’

Knowles Cup started in 1996 and is a fierce tennis competition in which schools must be invited to play, All Hallows’ was honored to be invited into the competition in 1998.

There are only four divisions A, B, Yr 9 and Yr 8 with each team having only 5 players.

The competition is intense, with all players having to perform at their peek for five weeks, with just one loss being enough for a team to not make it into the final 2.

What are we playing for?? Well besides the love of the game, we play for the honor of being the overall top school hoping to bring home the converted Knowles Cup.

Between 1998 and 2007 AHS won two divisions yr 8 and B grade.

In 2008 we doubled our achievements by wining yr 8 and the yr 9 divisions.

On Saturday 7th 2009 we achieved something that AHS has never achieved before……. We not only won the Open A division, we also won the Yr 9 division.  But there is still more.  Thanks to the efforts of the B team and the Yr 8 team finishing third on the ladder, not forgetting of course the two outstanding nail biting wins the A’s and Yr 9’s had on Saturday, AHS are proud for the first time ever to house the Knowles Cup!

Every single AHS Tennis player worked so hard over the last five weeks, so from me to you, well done YOU ALL made it possible to reach this fantastic result!

We are sad to say good-bye to all our year 12 players.  Thank you for putting in so much over the years, you have left big shoes to fill…. so you had all better come back in 2010 as supporters!

A big thank you must go to the Tennis Committee, Ms Margo Mackintosh and Mrs Judy Elder of the Sports Department, your help and support has been endless. Thank you to all the supporters who came to watch the finals on Saturday at Tennyson and a special mention to Dr Leanne Perry who always turns up to support AHS Tennis, even on her birthday!

We look forward to seeing you next year for the Catholic Girls Cup Competition during Terms 1 & 2, remember everyone is welcome to play in this competition no matter what level of player you are!